Now that you’re asking.. Yes, I did feel that!

  • Have you noticed that ¬†you:
    • procrastinate more than before using porn, have lower motivation (don’t care), chronic fatigue, brain-fog, or difficulty concentrating or remembering things?
    • have become more anxious, restless, impulsive, stressed, irritable, unhappy, pessimistic, emotionally numb, or depressed?
    • have become more secretive, or isolated more?

Sure, I felt all that. But I kept saying that it wasn’t because of porn it was because of other stuff in my life. Soon I started cutting the other stuff out until all that was left was my SO and porn. I ditched the porn first and became increasingly happy — I felt like I finally reached a baseline after months of scouring the internet for 4 minutes out of 30 minute videos a piece to help me get off. Then I stopped being with my partner. Now, I’ve noticed these feelings are gone. The next piece is finding a job I like and that doesn’t involve the abuse I’ve come to expect from everything else in my life.